UCIRA’s State of the Arts (SOTA) is an online and print publication series dedicated to instigating dialogues about arts and education within the University of California system.

SOTA is looking for submissions of approximately 500 words.

Texts/Projects will be posted online at https://ucsota.wordpress.com/ weekly on every Tuesday, compiled into a monthly newsletter and sent out to the UCIRA mailing list reaching people across the state and beyond.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling deadline.

SOTA content will occasionally be presented in a printed format for conferences or special events.

Email ucirasota@gmail.com if you have interest in contributing or knowing more about our work.

For more information on UCIRA see http://www.ucira.ucsb.edu/

SOTA came about following interviews with over 50 artists and administrators across the University of California system in the Spring of 2010, including:

[South to North] UCSD: Brett Stalbaum (Art/ICAM), Sheldon Brown (CRCA/Cal-(IT)2), Grant Kester (Art History), Kyong Park (Art), Teddy Cruz (Art), Fred Lonidier (Art), Cara Baldwin (Art – PhD); UCR: Erika Suderburg (Art/Dance/Media and Cultural Studies), Patricia Morton (Art History), Anna Scott (Researcher/Dance), Ken Ehrlich (Art); UCI: Annie Loui (Drama), Michael Dessen (Music), Simon Leung (Art/New Genres); UCLA: Dan Froot (Department of World Arts and Cultures), Gilda Haas (Urban Planning), Carol Endo (Art – General Manager), Caron Cronin (Art – Student Advisor), Sue Ellen Case (Theater), Zen Dochterman (Comp Lit – PhD); UCSB: George Legrady (Media Arts and Technology), Laurie Monahan (Art History), Laurel Beckman (Art), Holly Unruh (UCIRA), Kim Yasuda (Art), Marko Peljhan (Media Arts and Technology); UCSC: Christina Waters (ARI), Jennifer González (Art History and Visual Culture), Beth Stephens (Art), Nick Lally (MFA), Warren Sack (Film and Digital Media), Shelby Graham (Sesnon Gallery), Nicole Paiement (Music/Conducting), Danny Scheie (Performing Arts), Sharon Daniel (Film and Digital Media); UCB: Richard Rinehart (BAM), Catherine Cole (Theater, Dance and Performance Studies), Jeff Skoller (Film Studies) Lucinda Barnes (BAM), Michele Rabkin (Art Research Center), Larry Rinder (BAM); UCD: Bob Ostertag (Technocultural Studies), Larry Bogad (Theater and Dance), Mark Kessler (Design), Blake Stimpson (Art History), Jim Housefiled (Design), Tim McNeil (Design Museum), Jesikah M. Ross (Art of Regional Change), Lynette Hunter (Theater and Dance), Peter Lichtenfels (Theater and Dance).


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