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Still Building

26 May

This video documents the Still Building project at UCIRA’s Future Tense conference in November 2011 on the campus of UCSD. The project was organized by the collaborative group Building (featuring UCSC graduate students Kyle Mckinley, Nick Lally and Madeline McDonald Lane).

Ken Ehrlich’s Masks, or The Illusion of Power

13 May

Last year LA based artist and lecturer from UC Riverside, Ken Ehrlich, presented on his intervention at the UCIRA “Future Tense” conference at UC San Diego. This video is an excerpt from the first 15 minutes of that talk and the full text is reprinted on the website Occupy Everything. In the presentation Ehrlich asked members of the audience to read aloud with him certain key concepts he wanted to highlight for discussion, as you’ll hear towards the end of the video.

Chicano Secret Service

27 Jan

The Chicano Secret Service, composed of actors and graduate students from UCSB  and UCR, performed live at UCIRA’s “Future Tense” conference in November of 2010. Here are three excerpts from the show at UC San Diego:

LM Bogad “Maintaining and Improving the Student Body” Performance

18 Jan

At UCIRA’s November 2010 conference held at UC San Diego a performance took place entitled “Maintaining and Improving the Student Body: Innovative Solutions for a Challenging Time” performed by LM Bogad claiming to be spokesperson for the “U. Califorlornia Regents.” The ironic lecture proposes a long-term plan for solving the budget crisis that will allow students to sell organs in order to pay for tuition hikes.

Check out the video here:

UC/me by Rickerby Hinds

18 Jan

A new video excerpt of UC Riverside Theater professor Rickerby Hinds’ performance at the UCIRA conference this past November at UC San Diego. The performance dealt with Hinds’ own personal narrative of moving through the University of California system.

“Ambient Happening” Performance at UCIRA 2010 Conference

9 Jan

Check out this documentation from the ICAM 40/VIS 40 course taught by Brett Stalbaum (UCSD. The performance was called “Ambient Happening in C Octatonic” and used location triggered audio (GPS) during UCIRA’s 2010 “Future Tense”  conference at UC San Diego on November 19th.

The video is by Yada Khoongumjorn and the performance is by ICAM/VIs Arts Students at UC San Diego. Made with tools from

Talk Sandwich with Dee Hibbert-Jones

16 Dec

Another video from UCIRA’s “Future Tense” conference at UCSD on November 20th, 2010; excerpts from UCSC’s Dee Hibbert-Jones “Talk Sandwich” project which took place over lunch with participants from the conference. This project was produced with UCSC’s Dustin O’Hara.

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