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Teaching the Crisis, March 4, 2010

27 Jul

This text is a model for others to adapt as we consider how to integrate classroom contexts with the emerging social movements addressing budget cuts and privatization in the UC system.

From: Patricia Morton, UCR

In winter quarter 2010, I taught a course on the architectural history of suburbia (c. 1750 to the present). I used the March 4 Day of Action as an opportunity to link the course to the current California budget crisis and its impact on UC. I wanted to help my students link their own interests (i.e. concern about the fee increases) with a broader political and cultural context. During class time, we held a discussion of the links between the current California budget crisis and postwar suburbanization, particularly the “tax payers’ revolt” of the 1970s when suburbanites began refusing to pay taxes for public services, including education. Attendance was optional that day.

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