What Counts? SOTA Call for Participation

25 Jan

What Counts?
A Call for Proposals for the UCIRA’s 2nd Volume of State of the Arts/SOTA publication
Rolling Submissions: Accepted on an ongoing basis from Jan 20 – June 1, 2011
Send submissions to ucirasota@gmail.com
Accepted submissions will be presented online at https://ucsota.wordpress.com/and in a print publication compiled after 6 months

What Counts? CFP

What do we mean “What Counts?”

There is a battle going on in the University of California over how value is perceived within the arts and humanities. Working within a university context holds the expectation that people are always thinking about their future, their credentials, advancing and developing themselves in preparation for an academic career. Making art within a research university generally infers that the artistic practice is evaluated according to how it “counts as research.” Teaching art within this context means that the questions we are asked and are attempting to pose are framed by the politics and culture of the university.

SOTA wants you to investigate ideas behind “What Counts?” through personal, pedagogical, critical, aesthetic and organizational means.

We encourage an array of submissions that might include writing/reflections/ creative projects about:

  • How do you define art making as research?…
  • A creative way you made the case for your work or works which couldn’t be evaluated under existing standards…
  • New directions in artistic research…
  • What shouldn’t count? Are there approaches which get valued without critical consideration or reevaluation?
  • Tensions within your department’s approach(es) to the tenure process…
  • Unusual projects students have received credit for….
  • Experimental models in the co-evaluation with students and faculty…
  • Social practices in dialogue with formal practices…
  • How Modern dance teachers are engaging competition dance students or, how art professors are addressing student expectations within a market economy?…
  • Are PhDs good for the artist or for art education?..

Please get in touch with ideas, proposals and questions: ucirasota@gmail.com

What is SOTA?
UC State of the Arts/SOTA is an irregular publication dedicated to documenting and fostering communication in the arts across the University of California system of 10 campuses. SOTA is published by the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts/UCIRA.

Download “What Counts?” CFP flier here.

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