University of California Deans in the Arts Panel

7 Dec

On Saturday November 20th 7 Deans working in the arts on 7 of the UC campuses gathered at UC San Diego for a panel as part of UCIRA’s “Future Tense: Alternative Arts and Economies in the University” conference. Hosted and moderated by UCSD’s Seth Lerer, the presentation gave the audience a sense of what a more unified system might look like in the future and the role of the arts in the changing landscape of public education. Conflicting and overlapping tactics and strategies ranging from protest to public-private partnerships, outreach and system-wide degrees were discussed. The Q & A was lively, however since the audience did not consent to being taped prior to the event then we have decided to keep those comments offline. Enjoy and look for more videos from the conference at

Part 1: Introduction by Seth Lerer (UC San Diego):

Part 2: Presentation by Joseph Lewis (UC Irvine):

Part 3: Presentation by Joseph Lewis (UC Irvine) Continued:

Part 4: Presentation by Jessie Ann Owens (UC Davis):

Part 5: Presentation by Stephen Cullenberg (UC Riverside):

Part 6: Christopher Waterman (UC Los Angeles):

Part 7: David Yager (UC Santa Cruz):

Part 8: David Marshall (UC Santa Barbara):


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