November Regents Meeting

8 Nov

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With hundreds of layoffs, unfair labor negotiations between the UC and Academic Student Employees, and up to a 20% fee increase to be voted on by the UC Regents, it is necessary for UC students to mobilize and act. The following is a 3-day state-wide call to action meant to coincide with the Nov. 16-18th Regents meeting:

  • Nov. 16th: Local direct action at individual campuses to bring awareness about the fee increase and Regents meeting
  • Nov. 17th: Mass state-wide demonstration at the UC Regents meeting at UCSF Mission Bay
  • Nov. 18th: Mass local celebrations/escalations depending on the circumstances

The Student Worker Action Team of UC Berkeley calls on all UC campuses to come to the Regents meeting on Nov. 17 in order to prevent it from happening. On Oct. 7th, an assembly of hundreds voted to shut down this meeting. If transportation to the Regents meeting is not possible, we call on campuses to follow through with local direct actions as stated above.

If you would like to coordinate with folks from UC Berkeley and don’t have any contacts here, please email:

In Solidiarity,

UC Berkeley Student Worker Action Team


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