Reply to SOTA’s first Q&A

12 Aug

Please FWD to your colleagues!

Q&As for SOTA:

UCIRA’s State of the Arts/SOTA ( publication is looking to hear what you think. Q&A is where we ask a number of specific people across the system what they are thinking and then compile the results to re-circulate back to the UC arts community. People are often too busy to write their own perspectives on every development and news item, and everyone else is too busy to read them. By compiling and editing Q&A we are packing quality content on urgent issues together so people can easily get a sense of a wide range of views. Please participate and propose your own Q&A to

This fall, SOTA’s inaugural theme is on Public Ed and the Public Good, hence these questions need to be asked (and answered!):

Q: How are you balancing the need for efficiency in your programs with the recognition that the arts cannot fit into an efficiency model?
A: Please send 200 words in response to this Q

Q: Online education is getting pushed in the UC Regent’s Commission on the Future report and through Regent Blum’s direct ties to for-profit online education companies. We are wondering what arts professors across the system are thinking they will do when it gets proposed that art classes be taught online?
A: Please send 200 words in response to this Q

Q: What challenges do people need to be preparing for, thinking about as the school year creeps closer? What is on your mind?
A: Please send 200 words in response to this Q

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